Our Core Business

Would your IT run better if you automatically could:

  • See which load balancers, web servers, application servers, DB servers and ports were used by every business application?
  • View a complete picture of each of the business services in your applications?
  • Consult a visual map to understand your IT landscape?
  • Be certain that your service map was always accurate and up to date?
  • Simulate IT changes and understand the potential impact on the business?
  • Audit and report on changes instantly?

Unified Monitoring

Unified Monitoring for Real™ thanks to easy integrations and customized visualizations of cloud, virtualization, network, application, server, and storage data.

Super-Visions monitors your entire datacenter and collects all it’s information in one place, helping to make better sense of your IT environment performance and availability data.

  • Monitor clouds, virtualization hypervisors, applications, servers, and network devices with automated provisioning of the monitoring tool
  • Monitor hybrid cloud environments, as well as traditional datacenters
  • Collect performance and availability info in a single pane of glass
  • Provide a unified web services portal to collate data from other IT operations tools
  • Optionally integrate with other monitoring systems for a manager-of-monitors (MoM)
  • Utilize visualization to present graphical representations of devices across IT environments
  • Find the hidden IT performance chokepoints by unifying all the links in the chain – from virtual to app to physical

Monitor the impact of any change on your bottom line

Super-Visions gives enterprises the ability to monitor their business agility by instantly alerting them to any faults or changes, and the business impact thereof.

CMDB - Configuration Management Database

When IT does poorly, the business will do poorly. And when IT helps the organization win, those organizations will outperform their competitors in the marketplace. Achieve IT alignment to the Business: The core of your IT Service Delivery is your CMDB. You get immediate impact analysis, root-cause analysis, change governance, audit and compliance, asset management, license management and much more.

Automate your CMDB to the fullest and eliminate human error.

Use your CMDB tool as a complete operations management tools to ensure there is only 1 golden source of information.

IT Service Management

Offering integrated and automated solutions covering the whole set of ITIL processes and workflow. Using real time alerts originated from the monitoring system, Super-Visions provides business level monitoring of events enabling IT staff to respond and resolve issues quicker.

Facing an ever-increasing technology complexity, IT service management is more and more a real challenge. We deliver and integrate key ITSM functions: CMDB, Helpdesk, Service catalogue, Change management, Event Management, ... into 1 automated framework serving the Business Services.

With Super-Visions, organisations can finally manage incidents, changes, and new developments at the service level – and at the speed of business.

The key to ITSM and BSM success

The Super-Visions Business Service Automated Mapping Approach is the cornerstone of a successful BSM initiative. We seamlessly integrate with standard existing BSM, CMDB and CMS systems. Then, we automatically populate configuration databases with the missing business service layer, saving weeks of painstaking manual work – and keeps the information up to date.

Configuration Management Automation

Automatically manage large environments, automate repetitive tasks and populate configuration databases with the missing information, including business service layer. Proactively manage infrastructure, on-premises or in the cloud.

What Is Configuration Management?

Configuration management is the process of standardizing resource configurations and enforcing their state across IT infrastructure in an automated yet agile manner. Configuration management is critical to the success of other IT processes, including provisioning, change management, release management, patch management, compliance and security.

Compliance and Change Management

According to Gartner, more than 40% of all mission-critical IT service outages are due to people and process errors, with a significant number of those due to a lack of coordination between change, release and configuration management. In IT organizations, change management policy is the law, while configuration management automation is the enforcer. Change management policies are ineffective without a means to enforce and audit them.

Unified approach to automation

We assist you in managing heterogeneous environments—physical, virtual, or cloud—and automate the management of compute, storage, and network resources.

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